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About us

IDerified (002775008-H) - An international authenticate product inquiry center. We have cooperate with Big Brand companies to build a trusted brands, gain consumers confident with purchasing our partner products.

What is the anti-counterfeit labels? What is the importance of anti-counterfeit labels? Anti-counterfeit labels are trademarks of anti-counterfeit labels made by the product merchants. As the only anti-counterfeit label of ID card certified by IDerified (purchasing organ of government agencies), consumers can be assured of purchasing and using them. Business sales confidence.

Here is an objective and fair anti-counterfeit query center. The original "password matrix" encryption algorithm allows your product's security code "unique" to help you achieve the digital anti-counterfeit label process, quickly improve product quality, enhance product brand image.

Our vision is build a trusted brand for the world.

  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Gain trustworthy
  • Gain confident while purchase products
  • Improve sales performance
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