Fake powder detergent alert

SOCIAL media is a platform rife with fake goods sold at a fraction of the price of the real thing.

From kitchen knives and apparel to watches, electronic devices and many more, the vendors of such items would claim the items are cheaper because of bulk discount, special promotions or out-of-season offers.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer of detergent brand Top, wants to alert the public that scammers have been selling counterfeit versions of its Top Micro-Clean Tech powder detergent on social media flash sale sites.

The company’s principal in Japan, as owner of the registered “TOP” trademark, filed a complaint with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry on the matter.

Acting on information provided by the company, the ministry recently seized 651 packs of counterfeit powder detergent worth over RM4,800 bearing the “Top” trademark from a residence in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The ministry’s enforcement division director Datuk Iskandar Halim Sulaiman revealed that the fake products were sold at a cheaper price on Facebook.

How to tell it’s fake

Southern Lion advised consumers to only buy Top powder detergent from reputable retailers and trusted online stores to ensure that the product is genuine.

The company said the Top range is preferred by Malaysian consumers for its superior quality and innovative Japanese detergent technologies. The counterfeit version, it said, is naturally of inferior quality.

To tell the fake apart from genuine Top powder detergent, the first thing to look out for is the packaging.

Southern Lion pointed out that genuine Top powder detergent packaging is machine-packed and cut, as such, the edges will not have clear and sharply defined zigzag perforation.

The genuine one does not have a ragged edge at the top of the packaging. If the packaging has a “zigzag” edge at the top, then it’s a fake, the company said.

The company also highlighted the spelling errors on the packaging of the fake product which is indicative of the low standard.

To ensure that consumers are not deceived, Southern Lion is embarking on an awareness programme so that people can tell the fake stuff apart from the genuine one.

Be an informed consumer, shop wisely. Examine the top seal of Top powder detergent to watch out for fakes, the company advised consumers.

Report fake goods

The case of the counterfeit powder detergent is in violation of the Trademarks Act 2019.

Under the Act, if a person is caught having three or more pieces of the same fake goods, he is considered as having intention to sell or manufacture the merchandise.

Brand owners and consumers often suffer considerable harm from counterfeiting, as fake goods diminish the symbolic value of authentic products and dilute the brand equity.

Southern Lion strives to bring happier, cleaner and healthier living to all Malaysians by introducing various products designed to change, improve and positively impact Malaysians’ quality of life.

Southern Lion’s genuine vs counterfeit visuals can be found on www.southernlion.com.my and the Top detergent Facebook page (TOPdetergentMY).

Consumers can also contact the Southern Lion consumer careline (1800-880-133).

The public can report suspected counterfeit goods or trade to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s Enforcement Command Centre (1-800-886-800 / 03-8882 6088).


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