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Paste on the packaging of goods or products used to verify the authenticity of the identification of goods.
Anti fake labels are divided into different kinds according to the different materials and functions:
  1.  laser anti counterfeit label;
  2.  texture anti counterfeit label;
  3.  drop away anti counterfeit label;
  4.  embedding anti counterfeit labels;
  5.  chip electronic anti counterfeit label;
  6.  temperature change anti counterfeit label;
  7.  digital anti counterfeit label

Not, anti-counterfeit labels is enterprise in order to protect their own brand, to ensure that consumers buy genuine, protect consumer's legitimate rights and interests, the independent application made genuine validation logo.

Not necessarily, because the anti counterfeit label is a kind of behavior of enterprise autonomy, is not a statutory must, so can not have no security labels to determine the authenticity of goods.

Anti counterfeit label is the most widely used in the current application of the most widely used, the best anti false effect of a kind of anti counterfeit - Digital anti counterfeit label. Digital anti counterfeit labels generally have the following kinds of query methods:

  • Scan the QR Code
  • Enter the serial number at https://iderified.com
  1. Scratch off the anti counterfeit label coating, get a group of anti counterfeit serial number
  2. From left to right, in order to enter the serial number at https://iderified.com
  3. Click on the [query] button to verify the authenticity of the product
  4. Security check results show
Such as: [serial number query input is correct, prompted for your query products for ****** company production of the product, this product is genuine, please rest assured that the use of!, you buy is genuine.
Such as [you enter the serial number has been inquired, first query time for * * * * in * * * * may day, this is the several inquiries!, please confirm earlier if you check the product anti-counterfeiting code, if you had not your own query, please buy businesses!
For example: "you enter the false serial number OR serial number you enter is not correct, beware of fake!", please contact with the purchase of the business, or directly contact the manufacturer!
  1. Unique technology: query system using digital anti-counterfeit technology, specific application directly reflects the anti-counterfeit labels, each gold label contains an irregular repeat in digital security, a digital security corresponding to a product, namely a yard, with uniqueness, can not be copied. The vast number of consumers and enterprises can make telephone calls, send text messages and Internet access to the Internet, to achieve product quality, service inquiries, complaints and identification, convenient and fast query.
  2. Anti-counterfeiting and fake based on unified: query system can carry out automatic filter query, for questions or wrong password query information, the system automatically records information source of product quality and authenticity of the information, the International Authenticate Product Inquiry Center - IDerified security serial code query center or notify the genuine business joint news media and local law enforcement agencies for joint anti-counterfeiting security code query center, the problem can be dealt with promptly and quickly, the realization of the traditional passive forgery prevention and timely and proactive oversight of fake organic unification and binding.
  3. Derived the value-added service functions: query system on the basis of digital anti-counterfeiting, with many extensions: we in the anti-counterfeit labels in addition to consider the label anti-counterfeiting function. We also study the label extension function, such as: integral function, anti product modify function, features such as promotional award, many value-added services.
  4. Professional technical development and security: security code query center in order to ensure the service password and system security, have professional technical development team and data storage protection system, password and query system is not open to the public and sales, anti-counterfeit labels making process throughout the confidential, not set up branch institutions.

More info https://iderified.com/home/application-steps/

  1. You need to provide business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and corporate identity, trademark certificate.
  2. Download the apply form or apply online here
  3. The International Authenticate Product Inquiry Center after passing the examination, cooperative companies to set up anti counterfeiting scheme
  4. The signing of the security agreement.